Argenti d'Arte
Articoli d'Argento di Emilio Marchesini
Articoli d'Argento di Emilio Marchesini Articoli d'Argento di Emilio Marchesini  

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Foto di gruppo del Maestro Marchesini con i suoi allievi.
A sinistra si riconosce il Maestro Lopes

The Teacher Emilio Marchesini was born April 13 1947 in Catania.

Already a teenager, he began to learn the art of silver processing at the workshop of the Master Lopes.
There, he specialized in the art of the chisel, not forgetting, however, other aspects of the precious metals, in fact in the main factories of the capital has practiced the art production of moulds planning items through the casting.

In 1992 he decided to devote his art only the realization of objects that he designed and created, and then founded the firm Argenti d’Arte, which he owns, at Villabate (Palermo).

Important stages of the Master career are:

  • 1993, during the visit of Giovanni Paolo ΙΙ, was commissioned enforcement of golden crowns a bas-relief intended for the painting of the “Madonna delle Grazie” in Agrigento.

  • 1993, has been responsible for restoring the head and silver statue of “Maria SS Immacolata” of the seventeenth century placed in Basilica di S. Francesco d’Assisi inPalermo.

  • 2000, he created the sculpture in gold for the prize “Progetto Amazzone”.
Currently, in addition to the main, dedicated to the teaching at the School of Education “Arces”.  

An important event is the initiative of the group “Argentieri e Orafi della Sicilia”, in particular Pietro Accardi, Antonino Amato, Giuseppe Amodeo, Benedetto Gelardi, Rolando Rolando Lopes, Pietro
Maniscalco, Emilio Marchesini, part of the “Tesori umani viventi”,
which is to request the inclusion of the arts of the working of gold and silver in Palermo, which is still enforcedin accordance with the terms and practices handed down over time, in the
"Libro dei Saperi".


Argenti d'Arte is an initiative of Master Emilio Marchesini - Viale Europa, 178- 90039 Villabate (PA) - Telephone (+39) 338-8914107
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