Argenti d'Arte
Articoli d'Argento di Emilio Marchesini
Articoli d'Argento di Emilio Marchesini Articoli d'Argento di Emilio Marchesini  

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Argenti d’Arte was founded in 1992 on the initiative of the Teacher Emilio Marchesini, chiseller. The firm deals with professionalism and vast knowledge of design and production of precious silver made with traditional method, meticulous and accurate, typical of the artisan, in a technologically advanced industrial context, able to obtain a product that is fashioned according to the current market demands and also interact with the future trends of fashion and the changes of style. The tradition, the strength and innovation are, therefore, of Argenti d’Arte, one of the most popular and reliable in the silver industry.

The staff, on time updated and specialized, helps to ensure that every single jewel is the result of an exchanges of ideas of a consolidated team and outstretched towards the common goal that is to meet the needs of the customer. Our organization also makes it possible to continue monitoring the various stages of production, so guaranteeing an excellent quality- price of the finished product.

We sell retail and wholesale. Thank you for your visit.


Emilio Marchesini.

Argenti d'Arte is an initiative of Master Emilio Marchesini - Viale Europa, 178- 90039 Villabate (PA) - Telephone (+39) 338-8914107
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